Data Recovery Software is Something that All Computers Need

When you empty your recycle bin, and something important has been unwittingly placed in it, you realize that you could have a major problem on your hands. The file is gone forever and there is no way to get back your lost data. However, with data recovery, this is, fortunately, not the case and giving you the power to restore deleted data quickly, data recovery can save you a lot of stress.

Getting Back Lost Data

It doesn’t matter what sort of file you have deleted – perhaps it is a memorable photo from a family vacation, your favorite movie or even worse, a critical document for work or studies. Losing data can be extremely frustrating and stressful, but most people do not realize that accidental deletion of data does not necessarily have to lead to disaster. In fact, with the right data recovery tools at your disposal, you have extremely high chances of getting back what you have lost. This is because Windows does not actually delete anything from your computer when you empty the recycle bin: All it does is mark the disk space previously used by that data as free space, meaning that another file or program can overwrite it at a later date.

However, one may not always be looking for data recovery. There are also cases when your goal will be the complete elimination of certain, sensitive data. In these cases, you will be seeking a solution that makes the recovery of that data completely impossible. Normally, you will need a separate tool from this as there are not many applications that make both data recovery and complete data deletion possible. Having to have multiple programs when you don’t need to just costs more and makes the process more inconvenient.

The Answer to the Problem

For data recovery and data elimination alike, the ultimate tool that you have been waiting for is Smart Data Recovery. This program gives you the tools you need to work with your data in a productive way, allowing you to get back data that you have lost or deleting it permanently.

This program will allow you to recover files which have been deleted from the recycle bin as well. In addition, it will help you get back data which has been lost due to a system malfunction or a faulty hard drive. To recover data, you do not even need to know much about the file such as its extension. You can search for recoverable files by searching for the type; for example, pictures, documents or other types of files. The software also provides a built in preview feature which allows you to preview a file to see if it is recoverable or not.

Smart Data Recovery will also allow you to easily wipe away files permanently if that is what you need. This is a great way to get rid of any personal information or other sensitive data that you do not want falling into the wrong hands. So, whether you need data recovery, or data removal, Smart Data Recovery provides you with a complete solution.

An Essential for Every Computer – Data Recovery Software

As soon as you empty your computer’s recycle bin, you know that you have lost the file. You may have placed an important file in the recycle bin and then emptied it, thinking that the file is gone for good. However, while the only thing on your mind might be data recovery, you may not have a reliable program that can retrieve the lost data before it is too late.

Getting Back Lost Data

Whatever type of data you have lost, it can be a very stressful situation. Perhaps you have lost a favorite photo of a family holiday or a critical document for work or school. Regardless of what sort of file you have lost, getting it back with data recovery software should still be possible. With the right tools for the job, data can be recovered from damaged media as well. When a file is deleted from the recycle bin, the data remains on the disk. The space previously taken up by the now deleted file is simply marked by the file system as free space, which means that any other program or file additions can overwrite it. Before this happens, it is possible to get back your data one-hundred percent intact.

Data recovery is not always what you may be looking for, however. In some cases, you may want to have data permanently deleted so that it can never, under any circumstances, be recovered. Normally, you will need a separate tool for tasks such as this. However, purchasing and installing loads of different programs is a frustrating and not very economical process. There is a better solution.

The good news is that finally, there is a solution that provides data recovery as well as the possibility to completely remove sensitive data from your computer.

The Solution You Need

For data recovery and data removal, there is one ideal solution. Smart Data Recovery is the solution that you have been looking for. It will give you the best possible chance of recovering data that has accidentally been deleted from the recycle bin. Using this software, you do not even need to know what the file extension is since you can simply search for different categories such as documents, pictures or other types of files.

If you are concerned that you may not be able to recover a file, Smart Data Recovery also has a built-in preview feature. If the file is able to be previewed, then the file is recoverable.

If you are looking for a solution to completely remove sensitive data from your computer, then Smart Data Recovery also offers you that ability. This software will deliberately overwrite the space previously taken up by the files that you want to remove multiple times so that there is no possibility of the data being recoverable. This is a great idea if you are planning to sell your computer and you want to erase any personal information or other sensitive data.

If your goal is data recovery or data removal, Smart Data Recovery is the solution that you have been waiting for.

ConcisePC of Livonia has data backup solution so that you don’t have to worry about it?

At one time or another we have all wished for disaster recovery solutions to restore a hard drive, or to simply and inexpensively find the material you were working on when your pc crashed.
Concise Computer Consulting specializes in on-site PC and Network service. We are now pleased to offer secure, off-site data backup systems to our clients!

Having an offsite data protection allows you to have another measure of data security in case of hardware failure, fire, theft, or any other terrible thing that could happen to your technology.

Even if you already back-up your data, it is always best to have a redundant backup disaster recovery system. When dealing with the important data that you generate with your business, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

For a very affordable monthly fee, your data will be backed up, through the internet each night to our secure server. Back-up logs will be automatically e-mailed to both you and Concise daily which will be used to monitor the status of each backup.

Computers are used for an ever-increasing amount of functions today, including storing our personal photographs, e-mails, documents, and other information that is near and dear to us all. We can help put a back-up system in place so that, in the event of hardware failure, your data will not be lost.

There are several different types of in-office or in-home backups that we can help set up for you, including (but not limited to):

• External Hard Drives
• Tape Backup
• CD and DVD Burners
• USB Thumb Drives
• Iomega REV Drives
• Network Backup

There are pros and cons to each of these selections. Feel free to give us a call and see what type of backup is right for you.

This article was prepared and written by Jeff Atto of Concise Computer Consulting, LLC, located at 2150 Franklin Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI. Please contact us for any question about your home computer or laptop. 248-745-8255
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To Concise Computer Consulting of Birmingham, PC Trouble Shooting Includes Fixing the Client as Well

As the computer repair center for Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties, Concise maintains a client list that resembles the “who’s who” in the Michigan small business community. They are good, and they are growing out of their digs in Bloomfield Hills.

One of the reasons that Concise is so well respected in their industry is because they take the time to explain and teach at the same time. Let’s face it, the information highway has its own language today. Computer techies have always had a vernacular that tended to exclude the rest of the non-techie world. Making things worse for us non-techies today, is the next layer of computer- speak: abbreviations of all the words that we had no clue about from the beginning.

The staff at Concise will now lead the pc tech support field by offering a series of articles with those definitions of words from the computer tech support world. This is the first offering in what Concise hopes will be a long series of definitions from the computer tech speaker.


Wikipedia defines a HONEYPOT in computer speak, as a trap set to detect, deflect, or in some manner counteract unauthorized attempts to obtain use of information systems.

A HONEYPOT consists of a computer, data, or a network site that appears to be part of a network. But, the Honeypot is actually an isolated and unprotected deadend which appears to a hacker as valuable information.

Simply put, a HONEYPOT is a seductive decoy. It lures the attacker into a harmless area of your system where it could be isolated, detected, and hopefully discovered by cyber police.

Another use of the Honeypot is to isolate spam. Spammers abuse vulnerable resources such as open mail relays. Some system administrators have created honeypot programs that masquerade as these decoy resources to discover spammer activity. There are several capabilities that honeypots provide to the administrators and the existence of such seductive bait systems makes abuse more difficult or risky for the spammer. Honeypots can be a powerful countermeasure to abuse from those who rely on very high volume abuse (e.g., spammers). These honeypots can reveal the apparent IP address of the abuse and provide bulk spam capture (which enables operators to determine spammer’s URLs and response mechanisms).


Two or more honeypots on a network form a HONEYNET. Typically, a HONEYNET is used for monitoring a larger and/or more diverse network in which one honeypot may not be sufficient. Honeynets and honeypots are usually implemented as parts of a larger computer trouble shooting system. A HONEYFARM is a centralized collection of honeypots and analysis tools.

The next visit from a Concise Computer Consulting technician should go smoother. And, when the topic turns to setting up a Honeyfarm for your small business’s computer system, you will immediately understand that you are not about to purchase a bunch of bee hives.

Concise Computer Consulting services the small and medium sized business community as well as residential homeowners. Concise offers every kind of on site computer service: laptop repair service, online pc repair, pc tech support and computer trouble shooting. Concise also offers Remote access configuration, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Web site design, Server Administration, and Preventive maintenance in the metropolitan Detroit area. In addition, Concise diagnoses, installs, and manages both wired and wireless Local Area Networks, and even resells computers, laptops, and servers for Dell and IBM.

When you are experiencing computer problems, the time and money lost in productivity grows by the minute. Give us a call if you are having technology troubles and let us get you back up and running …often within hours.

Jeff Atto of Concise Computer Consulting, LLC, located at 2150 Franklin Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI. Please contact us for any question about your home computer or laptop. 248-745-8255

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